The Ultimate in
Data Resilience

ADACEN solutions create the most efficient, secure, and highest performing data centers in the world. Whether you’re looking to accelerate and optimize the performance of your existing data center, or utilize one of our state-of-the-art facilities to manage your critical data, ADACEN provides the ultimate in data resilience.

We dramatically outperform traditional data center metrics with a new approach that delivers:

Up to 40%
less power consumption

Virtually zero
water usage

90% less footprint
vs. Legacy

Significant reduction in
operational costs

Up to 50% 
less building cost

Quantum resilient

Data Centers designed by national security experts, red teamers, hackers, capitalists and environmentalists who served in the US military, Intelligence agencies and commercial sector.

The Problem with Legacy
Data Centers (LDC)

We are asking them to do something they weren’t designed to do.

LDCs are NOT efficient
LDCs are NOT green
LDCs are NOT cost effective
LDCs are NOT sustainable

The Future of
Data Resilience

Smaller footprint, lower power requirements and no noise allows ADACEN to locate data centers where others can’t. Additionally, we provide…

“If you had a chance for a complete do-over of the data center industry – you’d do exactly what ADACEN has done.”

– Lt. General Jon M. Davis USMC (Retired)

Former Dep. Commander United States Cyber Command

Worldwide Deployment


We are solving our customers problems today …and the one’s they are going to have tomorrow. Come see the future – NOW. 


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