Key Values


Designed around a higher level of security, ADACEN’s solutions make your data defendable and available when most other services are easily compromised, defining a new level of resilience, and an even higher tier of service.


ADACEN partners with server manufacturers that have developed the highest core counts in both CPU and GPU flavors. Coupled with ADACEN’s unique way to host, power, cool, and connect these server systems, ADACEN enables the most effective cost per core access available on the market.


ADACEN’s resilience comes mainly from its security posture. Offering custom facilities on secure properties behind a military fence and under protected airspace. Also including air-gapped and quantum safe encryption, ADACEN can provide a higher level of resilience while also at a lower cost.


ADACEN has taken a fresh approach in its colocation and private cloud hosting facilities. ADACEN has standardized its infrastructure around liquid cooled immersion, and the result is a low 1.03 measured PUE, a 40% reduction in power use, a 98% reduction in the use of water, and a space savings of 90% over a traditional facilities approach.

ADACEN Differentiators

There are many competitors in the global data center and managed services space, and many of these competitors offer similar services. However, ADACEN’s differentiators provide ADACEN with a clear, compelling, and unique market advantage.

  • 40% power savings over legacy
  • PUE 1.03 or better (versus 1.4 to 1.5 for Legacy Data Centers)
  • 98% less water use
  • 95% less cooling costs

We are solving our customers’ problems today…

  • 30% more service life for compute/storage
  • 90% reduction in build footprint
  • No need for air conditioners – just air handlers for compute
  • Single story buildings (including repurposed) – no need for three stories for hot air dissipation
  • 50% reduction in CAPEX build cost


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